April 6, 2020
wood polish tips

wood polish tips for penters

wood polish tips

wood polish tips

Today we will learn how to polish on wood. Polishing is a timber care process, in which the wood is made of smooth glowing and scratch resistant.
In this process, a layer of Finnish is climbed on wood.
We shall require several things for the polishes on wood which is described belo

Things we needed (how to polish on wood)

Wood sealer
linseed oil
Clean cloth
Paint brush

Do not forget to wear safty glasses and safty masks while working with chemicals.
Always follow the instructions given with each product you are using.

There are three main stages how to polish on wood


1. Preparation

Reduce the wood shirts and blemishes that are more likely to look.
Start rubbing the wood with the help of resortind and make the wood sleek.
Work toward thin sand paper from thick sand paper
Clean wooden badges with the help of bruh or cloth

2. Sealing

Apply a two coat sealer with the help of brush on wood.
Sealer if is more concentric then mix a little thiner in it.
First make two coats of sealer in the opposite direction with wooden fibres.
Allow the wood to dry after putting a similar coat.
Note:Clean it well with the thiner when the brush is not in use
When the sealer dries well then fine sand paper rub from wood
Repeat this process of sealing once again


how to polish on wood

You can now start polishing by using pedding technology.
Now you should make the four corners of a cotton cloth and make it a cushion.
Fold the cloth in such a way that the garment is solid and unsealed in the shade.
Soak the cushion in the oil of linseed, and start to apply a similar position to the wood.
Rub lightly from thin sand paper after doing this process.
Keep repeating this process until you have had the desired radiance.

You have now learnt how to polish on wood

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