April 6, 2020
wood cutter

Circular saw using tips

circular saw using tips

wood cutter

Today you will learn how to use a circular saw.It is a power-driven device used to cut wood.
Note: Always use dust masks,safty glasses when using an electromechanical device
Before running electrical appliances carefully read and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the device

Parts of circular saw

1. Blade

The circular saw has a rotating blade, which is protected from a blade guard.

2.Soal plate

To keep the blade constant, there is a plate, which keeps the blade flat

3. Rip fens

The blade guides the cut by a rip fence to guide the cut

4. Shrew lock

There is a ‘screw lock’ for turning the blade plate at a fixed Angle so that we can bend at the base Angle and cut it.

5. Handle

This portion of the circular saw is used to hold the instrument firmly, and you can easily run the circular saw in the right direction.

6 Motor

A circular saw has a most important section. The motor provides a speeding motion to the blade of the tool causing the blade to cut wood

7. Power cord


Themain function of the power cord is to give electricity to the motor.

There are two main steod you want to cut, and from one end draw a straight line, marking on both sides.

how to use circular saw

2. Cutting


Take the woSetting the blade on the expected depth, by opening the base plate and determining how much the blade drops below it. Blade to 5m.m from wood de thickness should be higher
Set the distance between the wooden edges and the blades while setting the rip fence


Grab the saws handle with your dominant hand and pin on the tool. Push the device uniformly forward.
Apply a uniform pressure on the saws to prevent the saw from bouncing and to run upright.
You can also change the angle of the angle by loosening angle locking lever

Now you have learned how to use circular saw

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