April 6, 2020
block plane

Block plane using guide

How to use block plane

block plane


How to use a¬†carpenter’s plane, best guide for carpenter

Today we will learn how to use Block plane.A block plane is used to finish the ends of wood, tilt the edges, and joints.Its small body can be caught in many places, making it easy to work on hard surfaces.
The equipment and accessories you will need are
1.block plane
2. Pencil
3. Hammer
4. Wood
5. Some pieces of waste wood
The block plane has three main parts
1. Body
2. Blade
3. Nob.

How to use a block plane (step by step)

Block planne ‘s blade is attached at lower Angle when you rotate your finger over the mouth of the block plane you feel a half or a mm of blade protruding.
If you work with the right hand, you hold the block plane body in the right hand with the back and left hand nob.You can even hold it with one hand.
Use wooden planks to tighten the wood.
Know about the direction of timber fibers and work with it as far as possible.If the block plane does not peel wood then fix its blade with the help of a hammer.Blade should not be too much out.
Put more weight on the forward over the block plane than behind.When you complete one stroke then put the weight second and.
When you come back for the second stroke, remove the weight from the block plane and lift it up.Keep in mind that you lose weight towards the end, otherwise the block plane will fall down and the wood will get damaged.
Mark by pencil on both sides of wood to use oblique to the block plane.Use wooden planks to tighten the wood.Could hold the block plane with one hand to make the wood oblique.Try to make the right angle of wood with the first two or three strokes of Block Plane
Usually the new carpenter is more likely to damage the edges of wood and uproot wood.To avoid this you can rotate wood or plane on both sides.
Block plane should be hold at lower Angle to plane at the ends
Now you have learned How to use a block plane

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